Avocado Stone Carvings

Avocado stone is a strong, wood-like material which lacks grain, making it possible to carve intricate designs. That and the fact that avocados are a delicious byproduct makes the carving of avocado stones rather appealing!  The process from start to finish takes a long time,  but the bulk of this is the drying (seasoning) of … Continue reading Avocado Stone Carvings

Searching for Ixy – Back to school!

Mary Anning has long been an inspiration for me and my daughters, particularly contemplating her incredible achievements through adversity whilst scouring the wave beaten shores of the Jurassic Coast for fossils. So I was really excited to have the opportunity to join a project celebrating Mary Anning's work and life with the fantastic Electric Voice … Continue reading Searching for Ixy – Back to school!

Sandbanks Illustrations Complete

For the past few months (I must confess this took a little longer than originally planned due to lockdowns and home-schooling!), I have been working on an exciting commission for Natural England, attempting to bring-to-life and share the incredible marine life that is found in abundance on North Sea sand bank habitats. Using a seabed … Continue reading Sandbanks Illustrations Complete


So last week was one if those fantastic weeks when my two jobs overlapped perfectly! To celebrate the launch of the Hidden Worlds Ocean exhibit at the Eden Project in Cornwall (which is amazing!) the Marine Biological Association were invited to join the talented Christian Sardet (Plankton Chronicles) and his team, as well as scientists … Continue reading Algataku

Coastal Creatures Leaflets and Shore Guide Artwork

  Earlier this year I was honoured to be commissioned by the North Devon AONB team to produce a series of illustrations for their Coastal Creatures Project resources. I have been involved in the fantastic project from the start as part of my role as a marine biologist and it was nice to be able … Continue reading Coastal Creatures Leaflets and Shore Guide Artwork

Life on the Yealm Logo Design

I was delighted to create a new logo recently for the Marine Biological Association led community project 'Life on the Yealm' the logo design combines an overhead view of the Yealm estuary and a selection of local wildlife. I have experimented with negative and positive space to create a logo with a light, interesting, friendly … Continue reading Life on the Yealm Logo Design

Exploring Britain’s Hidden World – Published!

This is a slightly delayed post, but I am happy to say that Keith Hiscock's book 'Exploring Britain's Hidden World' has now been published by Wild Nature Press. It features some incredible underwater photography by Keith and is packed with information he has accumulated during his years diving in British waters. Most excitingly, the book … Continue reading Exploring Britain’s Hidden World – Published!

Exploring Britain’s Hidden Worlds Illustrations Complete!

For the past few months I've been working on illustrations for Keith Hiscock's forthcoming book 'Exploring Britain’s Hidden World – A natural history of seabed habitats'. My illustrations are 'cut through' images of the seabed and represent biotopes (specific habitat and species groupings defined by code) described in the book.The graphics show what lives on … Continue reading Exploring Britain’s Hidden Worlds Illustrations Complete!

Plankton Manta for #TAE2017

I submitted this manta ray, made of plankton for the Twitter Art Exhibit 2017 to raise money for Molly Olly's Wishes . I'm pleased to say it sold, so raised some money for this great cause! It is an original pen and ink drawing on postcard-sized Bristol Board. The design was inspired by an earlier piece … Continue reading Plankton Manta for #TAE2017

Gyotaku Workshop

    My latest adventure was running a gyotaku (Japanese fish rubbing)  workshop at the awesome Lower Sharpham Farm for Ambios. The best moment for me was being told by one participant that they had produced the first piece of art they had ever been proud of! For the more squeamish I brought along some scallop … Continue reading Gyotaku Workshop